The Story

These Final Hours is a NAACP Image Award nominated short film, and is the pilot episode of an anthology series and an educational movement with the express mission of subverting unconscious bias.

Log Line

Set against the backdrop of the Black Lives Matter protests, Curtis is a young African-American struggling through his days in America, but what you see isn’t necessarily the truth…


To contribute to the Diversity and Inclusion discussion by tackling the issues of unconscious racial bias and their repercussions throughout our society.

TFH is actively offering screenings for organizations interested in taking an innovative approach to DEI training. We’ve provided screenings and panel discussions with organizations as large as multinational biotechnology companies and as small as public high school classrooms.


From the Director

“When I first read These Final Hours it was a film I knew I had to direct. It completely touched upon all the pent up anger and sadness that had been boiling inside of me over the past four years. As an African American male I wanted to craft a film which depicts the misconceptions and inherent dangers we face just leaving the house each day.

At the forefront of my mind before we began shooting were Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and the countless others who’ve been victimized for being black in America.

Film can be a powerful medium for change and I hope These Final Hours provokes conversation, and creates a pathway for other films that speak to systemic racism and racial injustice everywhere.”

– Lionel Coleman


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